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Organic Skin Care Information

Organic skin care

Organic skin care means using Pure and Simple ingredients that keep skin healthy. Sweet P’s formulas are created without harmful chemicals using select Certified Organic Oils, Butters and Waxes that come from nature’s finest fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs. We use the fewest number of ingredients possible to produce the best results with each product.
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Natural Soap

Natural Soap contains 3 basic ingredients that set it aside from other kinds of cleansers. These three ingredients are oils, water and sodium hydroxide. Chemically when these three ingredients are combined they produce a Natural Soap that retains the goodness of the original ingredients. The process is called Cold Process and takes four weeks to transform all of the oils and sodium hydroxide into a bar of natural soap.
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Organic Balm

Organic Balms are a blend of certified organic butters and oils melted with organic beeswax that are made specifically for certain uses. Balms are generally used for lip moisturizing and protection, massage, rejuvenation, prevention of stretch marks, hair and nail care, reduce scarring, and great for chapped, dry, winter or sensitive baby skin. Sweet P’s offers a wide variety of Organic Balms tailor made for all of the uses mentioned above.
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