YES!  Organic Golden Jojoba Oil is a fabulous “Cleansing Oil” for skin.  This oil is cold pressed to retain all of the natural emollients that penetrate, condition and moisturize skin, nails and hair.  Jojoba Oil has natural fungicide properties so effective that it can be used to control mildew.  Cleansing with Jojoba Oil is simple, effective and efficient.  Apply about ten drops of oil in palm of hand and massage into facial skin.  It  is not an eye irritant so it is exceptional in to use as a make-up remover.  Tissue off debris, daily grime and make up.  Reapply another ten drops and massage into skin.  Using a fresh wash cloth warmed with water, rest the cloth on your face or use as a “wash cloth” and wipe away any remaining debris.  Organic Golden Jojoba Oil is non-oily, non-occlusive (does not clog pores), has an elegant feel and has great oxidative qualities (long shelf life).

Organic Golden Jojoba Oil has a wide variety of uses that make this the only multipurpose body oil that is as close to what skin naturally produces.  It actually is a wax ester that is closer to sebum than any other compound produced in nature.  Using Jojoba Oil on acne or breakout prone skin , actually balances oil production and clears skin.  It has been said that it slows the sebum production and lessens inflammation of skin tissue.  Jojoba Oil is an excellent hair and scalp conditioner.  Simply apply a few drops to your palm and massage into scalp and smooth through hair to ends.  Exceptional as a over night conditioner and as an after chemical or color processed hair treatment.  A few drops on the scalp can actually prevent dandruff.  Organic Jojoba Oil is pesticide free and gentle enough for babies skin, flaking and crusting.  Use as a shaving aid.  Apply a few drops to skin and then lather using Organic Shaving Soap or Organic Superior Soap or even Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner.  This helps keep skin free of razor burn and moisturized.

Organic Golden Jojoba Oil is a must have in everyone’s bathroom arsenal.  It is an incredible value as it does a wide variety of tasks.  It cleanses, moisturizes, removes make up, softens lips, and conditions hair, scalp and nails.  It is excellent as a shaving preparation or additive and an exceptional massage oil.  It is gentle enough to use on babies skin and is non-oily with great spread ability.

Organic Golden Jojoba Oil used by Sweet P’s is certified by Quality Assurance International.  It is a renewable agricultural resource.  It is environmentally friendly and the bushes grow indigenously in the Sonoran Desert.  This exceptional Organic Oil is sustainable for the environment and good for  humans.