SweetPSkinCare.com offers a wide variety of Organic Skin Care Products tailor made for individual needs.  Our skin is not created equal.  We understand that what works for one individual will not not work for another.  We offer products that contain 100% Certified Organic ingredients in formulas with Ecocert Preservatives.  We listen to our clients, whether Corporate or individuals, and encourage email and phone contact so that we can provide the best skin care possible.  

Sweet P’s produces Organic Skin Care in recycled packaging, choice of containers, refillable solutions, and personalization  & custom options.  We use the best Organic Botanicals including Sonoran Desert Plants that provide a wealth of riches to skin.  

Simple is best!  We use higher concentrations of Organic materials and less numbers of ingredients to produce the best quality product available.  This New Year choose to make your skin care “Green” and just for you.  Welcome to Sweet P’s, Luxury Organic Skin Care!