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Natural Soap

Natural Soap

Natural Soap contains 3 basic ingredients that set it aside from other kinds of cleansers. These three ingredients are oils, water and sodium hydroxide. Chemically when these three ingredients are combined they produce a Natural Soap that retains the goodness of the original ingredients. The process is called Cold Process and takes four weeks to transform all of the oils and sodium hydroxide into a bar of natural soap. Commercial soaps are not made this way because it takes too much time, too many costly ingredients and is not cost effective for the companies. They use harsh chemicals, animal fat, synthetics, petrochemicals, and artificial ingredients.

Natural Soap is how our Grandmother’s and Great Grandmother’s and those before made soap. The difference today is the knowledge that we have in selecting the ingredients. We know now that if we use premium ingredients and cold process that the outcome is a bar of soap that has a creamy lather, moisturizes skin, soothes and heals, can calm, invigorate and fight the signs of aging. The proof of what goes into the bar of soap is the ingredient list. Many companies today have tried to tag onto the “natural” wagon or add an ingredient like “Shea Butter” by simply adding a tiny amount of the ingredients so that they can trick the consumer into believing that they have found a “bargain”. Sweet P’s Organic Superior Soap uses premium organic ingredients, cold process method and superior water additives like Wild crafted Prickly Pear Juice and Organic Aloe Vera. We do not cut corners and believe that every bar should be a work of art. Every batch is handmade. Every batch is made with a certain outcome. Our Jojoba Natural Organic Superior Soap is fragrance free for individuals that have allergies or sensitive skin as an example.