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How to Use This Site

Sweet P's wants you to get the fragrance you want in the products you need. You may decide to pick the fragrance first or products (it is your choice). If you decide to find your Fragrance Choice (go to fragrances and click on the selection) and a listing of products will appear. Next step select what products you need. Add these products to your shopping cart. If you do not see the fragrance that you want, please contact us online or phone 520-909-1192. You also have an additional choice that you may create your own fragrance in the products you desire. Please read the instructions regarding this option or feel free to call 520-909-1192.

If you decide to narrow your search to products, please look over the product menu and add these products to the shopping cart. As you add the product select what fragrance you want. Once again if you do not see the fragrance you desire please contact us online or phone 520-909-1192.