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Facial Care

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  1. Organic Gift Certificate

    Our Gift Certificates our great present option for any occasion. Sweet P's Gift Certificates are an excellent gift idea for those of us who have a last minute gift recipient in mind or someone our lives celebrating a special occasion. Our Gift Certificates can be emailed if time is of the essence or gift wrapped in a gift box with a gift tag letting the person know that you cared enough to give them the very best.
  2. All Mineral Facial Mask

    Looking for a five minute instant skin makeover? Well then, look no further! Enjoy the benefits of natural minerals as your skin looks more vibrant, increases tone, and even reduces the appearance of your pores. This is a no clay formula that mixes with water for normal to problem skin. It is easy to use and dries in about 5 minutes, making it ready for you to rinse and feel instantly made over before you know it.
  3. Cactus Nectar Mist

    Cactus Flower Hydrating Mist is a super concentrated antioxidant formula that soothes, heals, protects, and hydrates your skin as it accelerates your cell production. Cactus Flower Hydrating Mist is simple pure nutrition for your skin!
  4. Concentrated Concealer Spf 30

    Enjoy the full antioxidant treatment of Prickly Pear sunscreen in a concealer formula. Prickly Pear Concealer is great for under eye highlighting, covering dark spots, or to use as a base for full coverage. Your skin will love the feel of full coverage in our rich Prickly Pear formula that promotes optimal skin health.
  5. Desert Botanical Facial Care Set

    Sweet P’s Desert Botanical Complete Facial Care Set includes everything you need to take care of all skin types. The Sonoran Desert provides most of the ingredients that are essential to Organic facial care. Sustainable jojoba oil, aloe vera and prickly pear juice are the base ingredients that cleanse, protect, and pamper all skin types. All of the products are handcrafted in Tucson, Arizona prepared in temperatures under 120 degrees retaining all of the anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, cleansing, healing, and protecting properties. The set comes with complete directions for day and night time use. Simplify your daily regime using organic skin care products that will rejuvenate, clarify, and make your skin glow.
  6. Facial Organic Jojoba Oil

    Sweet P's Facial Organic Jojoba Oil will revitalize, moisturize, and cleanse all skin types. Apply just a few drops to facial skin and gently massage one of our four nurturing essential oils blends. Jojoba Oil naturally is fragrance free or choose one of the following skin treatment options; Geranium, suited for mature skin, Lavender for calming skin, and Tea Tree, antiseptic for problematic skin. Treating your skin with Sweet P's Organic Jojoba Oil is the second step in our organic facial cleansing regimen. Massage Jojoba Oil after applying Sweet P's Prickly Pear Castile Cleanser, available with or without Fruit Acids. Our Organic Jojoba Oil (QAI certified organic) is a gift from the Arizona desert that supremely matches skin's own oil. Sweet P's anti-microbial Organic Jojoba Oil will not clog pores, thus allowing your face to be naturally radiant.
  7. Facial Organic Solid Shea Butter

    Our Facial Organic Shea Butter is your must have basic for excellent moist, cared-for skin. Your skin's elasticity will actually increase. This efficient 100% certified organic fair-trade product is universal in its ability to clean, moisturize, condition and repair your dry skin, hair and nails. Sweet P's Facial Organic Solid Shea Butter is the best you can buy as it is filtered with cold water and is never processed with heat or chemicals. Simply remove a dime size amount and massage into palm of hand until your body temperature melts the butter. Apply liquified shea butter onto facial skin and gently massage. This is the second step out of five steps in Sweet P's Nighttime Regimen (Essential Steps for Successful Facial Skin).
  8. Gold Mica Moisturizing Shea Sunscreen SPF 30

    Sweet P's Golden Mica Moisturizing Shea Sunscreen SPF30 protects facial and body skin with the light reflecting particles of gold mica. Apply a dime size amount to facial skin or a quarter size (or more) to your body as you evens out skin tones and diminish the appearance of wrinkles. Our 20% QAI certified organic shea butter and jojoba oil formula moisturizes skin as it increase its elasticity, does not clog pores, and protects with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Gold Mica Moisturizing Shea Sunscreen is recommended for use. Reapply as needed for an essential step in daily organic facial care.
  9. Intense Lip Therapy Set

    Soft, moist, full lips in minutes with our two step Intense Lip Therapy Set. This is perfect for anyone that has chapped lips or that wants to maximize their own lip fullness. Remove dry skin with Mesquite Honey Scrub. Just a pinch, a little water, and a simple massage will treat tender lip area to the moisture of shea butter, jojoba and olive oils. Apply a layer of Therapeutic Lip Amplifier made with organic shea butter and hyaluronic acid. Plump, smooth, amplify, and see the healthy difference in your lips.Due to the generously reduced package price, this set does NOT qualify for any promotional codes or other website discounts.
  10. Jojoba Crème Shaving Soap

    Rejuvenate your skin cells everyday as you enjoy the creamy lather of natural glycerin, jojoba oil, kaolin clay and Essential Oils. Sweet P’s handcrafts each batch of Crème Shaving Soap to insure that the glycerin soap is batched in low heat preserving the moisturizing and cleansing properties of this product. Select white kaolin clay is precisely blended into each batch, producing a creamy lather that rejuvenates skin cell growth and heals troubled skin as it deposits calcium onto skin’s layers. Organic Certified Jojoba Oil is swirled with Essential Oils producing a cream foam that is perfect for shaving.
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Items 1 to 10 of 35 total