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Desert Botanical skin care products and gifts are a collection of organic products fragranced with the lush variety of desert botanicals. Experience the clean unique cresosote bush scent we call "Desert Rain", "Citrus and Sage" (a surprising refreshing combination)," Arizona Citrus" (an uplifting aromatherapy blend), "Mesquite Honey" (the desert's version of vanilla), "Sonoran Pecan" (a buttery pecan), "Desert Verbena" (fresh, green and almost citrus), "Sweet Acacia" (soft, feminine, and floral), "Signature Essence" (soft and feminine like our sunrises), "Prickly Pear" (tart/sweet fruit), "Geranium Blossom" (nurturing herbal), and "Desert Lavender" (calming herbal).

Desert Essence

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