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  1. Organic Gift Certificate

    Our Gift Certificates our great present option for any occasion. Sweet P's Gift Certificates are an excellent gift idea for those of us who have a last minute gift recipient in mind or someone our lives celebrating a special occasion. Our Gift Certificates can be emailed if time is of the essence or gift wrapped in a gift box with a gift tag letting the person know that you cared enough to give them the very best.
  2. Crystal Heart Perfume

    Heart Crystal Bottle Perfume is filled with your choice of fragrance in this elegantly faceted crystal heart topped bottle. The tops screws off and the scent is applied with the glass applicator. This collectible comes in a silver box that is 3 1/2" by 2 1/3" and white satin lined. Ready to personalize tag and wrapped with organza bow complete with crystal heart topper.
  3. Dry Oil Spray

    Sweet P's Dry Oil Spray is the ultimate skin silkening fragrance medium. This unique formula goes on dry but still maintains a silky touchable feel that needs to be experienced. The name itself dry oil sounds like a contradiction of terms, but it's the only way to simply describe this easy to use emollient spray. After adding Sweet P’s Dry Oil Spray to your Skin care routine you will never go without this superior moisturizing spray.
  4. Hydrating Body Mist

    Hydrating body mist adds the botanical goodness of jojoba , calendula, and arnica oil with vegetable glycerin. Heal, soothe, and moisturize skin as you spray our unique mist that fragrances as it nourishes skin.
  5. Roll-On Perfume

    Organic certified jojoba oil is combined with your choice of Essential or paraben/pthylate free fragrance oil in .33 ounce glass container. Concentrated perfume blends with your own body oils when applied to pulse points, decolletage, or blended with other body products like lotions or whips. Purchase more than one to create your own unique blend or change your fragrance as your moods change. Sweet P's offers customized fragrance options. Simply order the base fragrance you desire and email to add other scents for your own unique creation. Choose from 153 of our essential oils and fragrances to customize your roll-on perfume.
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5 Item(s)