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The Story of Sweet P’s

Sweet P’s Luxury Organic Skin Care was born out of a passion for science, skin care, and the sonoran desert.

As a retired physical and health teacher and coach, owner and artist Paula Morris had the joy of experiencing first-hand the smells and sights of the desert as she ran, hiked, and biked through the scenic canyons, washes, and mountain areas of southern Arizona. Established in 2004, Sweet P’s is a natural extension of Paula’s desire for others to experience the benefits of the exotic plant life that thrives in Tucson, Arizona. Her skin care products are made with premium, certified organic ingredients and healing botanicals including wildcrafted prickly pear, cold-pressed golden jojoba oil, creosote hydrosol, fresh citrus, and locally farmed mesquite honey. Using her backyard as an artist’s prop, Paula paints the vibrant botanical pictures featured on her product labels and specialty items. The Sonoran Desert is infused into every aspect of Sweet P’s. It is a company that started in Paula’s backyard, and still thrives there today.